Founder Rachel Bennett's mother Shaunna, was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's Disease at 57.  Rachel tried to keep her living independent at home for as long as she could, but in 2010 had to put her into an assisted living home. By 2012, her mother had declined rapidly and Rachel was forced to put her bright, vibrant, smart and compassionate mother into a nursing home at the young age of 62. Her mother died three years later, in 2016, due to complications relating to Alzheimer's.

Daughter hugging her elderly mother

In that time, Rachel witnessed the incredible loneliness nursing home residents suffer. Very few receive visitors, let alone mail. To live in a nursing home feels, as many have said, as if they are living in a prison. Resident's can't leave when they want to, choose what to eat, change a channel on TV and that often their needs go unmet because of staffing issues. The loneliness nursing home residents feel every day is real. And tragic.


Then 2020 happened. The Pandemic. Rachel watched with heartbreaking horror stories on the news of how nursing home residents were allowed no visitors due to Covid 19. Feeling called without question to do something, she started the Nursing Home Card Project in April 2020. Since then thousands of cards have been sent to 33 states in the United States and to 7 different countries internationally. 


Will you join the Nursing Home Card Project in reminding Nursing Home residents that they are NOT forgotten? Make and send some handmade cards. That's it! it's that simple! Get your family, friends, church, synagogue, school, community center, boy or Girl Scout group involved. Retired and need a project? Jump onboard! Need volunteer hours?  Get creative with your cards! We ask people to send at least 10 cards, but do what you can.  When you do, tag us on Instagram and Facebook @nursinghomecardproject!


Lastly, The Nursing Home Card Project respects and thanks the dedicated staff  in nursing homes -- nurses, doctors, nutritionists, physical therapists, cooks, janitors, administrators, social workers, recreation staff, but MOST OF ALL - CNAs (certified nurse aides). CNAs work intimately and bravely without our most vulnerable brothers and sisters, helping them eat, bathe, toilet and dress. These people are ANGELS! We thank you CNAs for your tireless work to give nursing home residents dignity and we are working hard to tell our legislators to pass a Minimum Federal Staffing Law as soon as possible, so there are enough CNAs on each floor so that you feel supported!


Thank you to my current assistant, Ashley Shylanski who helps me keep the Nursing Home Card Project going with her tenacious, compassionate efforts.

Thank you also to past interns, who have been lights for nursing home advocacy:

Sedona Orlow

Zenaida Parente

Kai Kwee-Hallem

Sarah Readdean

Spencer Willett

Kayla Santiago

Isabella Zhou

Jojo Greenberg