• Rachel was asked to testify before Chairman Clyburn and the members of the House of Representatives. See her statement.

Rachel was invited by Changing the Narrative to answer the question: What would aging look like if unbound by Ageism? See her answer here:

In February 2022, Rachel Bennett, Founder of the Nursing Home Card Project was honored to speak with Senator Wyden along with Present and Vice-President of Gray Panthers NYC, Jack Kupferman and Michelle Arnot, to ask him to speak about why Gray Panthers is such an important organization and most importantly, to ask him to expedite the passing of a Minimum Federal Staffing law, ensuring nursing homes have adequate staff to care for our nations' most vulnerable population.

Rachel had a meeting with New York State Brad Hoylman in March 2023 to brainstorm on the staffing crisis nursing homes are facing in the state of New York. She asked Senators Hoylman to push for immigrants to receive work permits quickly and asked if there is a way CNAs can be trained to work as CNAs in nursing homes. 

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