Uplift the lives of Nursing Home residents IN PERSON  by singing through the hallways of nursing homes! This is VERY important and healing for residents. Song transcends the pain of the body and the erosion of the mind. You don't need to be talented or trained, just enthusiastic.

If you are in or near NYC, email us to learn about future opportunities to sing in local nursing homes.

You can start your own singing group at a local nursing home in your town with these easy steps:

1. Call your local nursing home and ask to speak to the Activity's Director. Before you're transferred, also ask for his or her email.

2. When you get them on the phone, say, 

"My name is [your name] and I would like to bring some people to sing in your nursing home. We'd like to sing through the halls to uplift your residents. What are the best times of day and days to do this?"

(This question is important because meal times and times when meds are distributed is not a good time to sing). 

3. Once you get a time window (for example, best times to come are between 1-3pm) choose one or two days that are best for you.

4. Email your friends and family and say something like "Who would like to come sing with me at the XYZ Nursing Home on XYZ date? If so, please confirm."

5. What to sing?" You don't have to get fancy. Just print lyrics from Google. we use a mixture of soft gentle songs, with fun upbeat songs.  Some suggestions:

  • The Beach Boys
  • Frank Sinatra,
  • "This Little Light of Mine"
  • "The Sound of Music" - Climb Every Mountain, My Favorite Things, Edelweiss
  • "Annie" - The Sun'll Come Out Tomorrow.

7. Make copies for as many singers as you expect. Hole punch the music and put music lyrics in folders or binders

8. Voila! You're ready to hand them to your volunteers and start signing! Meet up at the nursing home 15 minutes before the scheduled start time to hand out folders and plan your program.

If you can do this once a month, amazing, twice a year great, even once a year. The residents will be so grateful. The holidays is a wonderful time to do it with holiday songs.

This is a phenomenal activity for schools and for kids who need to accrue volunteer hours, teenagers who need volunteer hours for confirmation or bat or mitzvahs, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, or just anyone who wants to bring love and music to nursing home residents.

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Check out first hand in these videos below the smiles that singing brings to the elderly.

See this new article about NHCP founder, Rachel Bennett, and her Joyful Carolers caroling to seniors.

Christmas carolers spread holiday cheer to seniors in the Theater District

Some videos showing the  power music has on those who suffer with Dementia: