How can I get involved?

There are several ways you can become involved with the NHCP. As a volunteer you can make cards to send to nursing homes. Please take photos of your cards so we can see your beautiful work and spread the word to others! You can also tag and share this project with others who you think would love to participate. If you are an organization or care facility that would like to form a partnership, please contact us at caringbycard@gmail.com

Do I have to make the cards? Can they be store bought?

While most people create handmade cards, store-bought ones are fine to use. 

What should the cards look like? Do I write a message inside?

Many different examples of cards are on our page. We recommend large, easy-to-read prints and a nice message inside. You can write a short message or whatever inspires you. Some people have even chosen to write longer letters or include jokes. 

How many cards should I send?

There is not a limit on the amount of cards you can send. You may send anything from one, to five, to twenty, or as many cards as you’d like!

Should I address the cards to anyone specific? 

Being that the cards will be given out randomly, it is best to keep the cards neutral. Something as simple as “Hello Dear Friend, you are special” or “Hello Dear Soul, you are loved and appreciated” or “Dear Special Person, I am thinking of you and sending you love and a hug” are great examples.

Do I have to send cards only on holidays? Can I send an everyday card?

We encourage people to send cards at any time (not only for holidays), so an everyday card is perfect and very thoughtful.

Where can I mail the cards to?

You can mail the cards to any nursing home of your choice. If you have the name of the head of recreation at the nursing home you can address it to them. If not, you could write “Recreation Director” and leave a short note inside asking that the cards be distributed to residents. 

How should I mail the cards? In envelopes? A box? 

You can send the cards together in a large envelope or individually. It is recommended that you send the cards in a large envelope if you are planning on sending many.

Should I include envelopes for the cards?

It is not necessary to include envelopes with your cards if you are planning on sending them in bulk. 

Can anyone participate? Do you have to be from the U.S.?

To contribute to our cause all we ask is for people to create cards and send them to any nursing home of their choice. This way, anyone from anywhere can participate!

Do you accept donations?

Donations to help cover the cost of mailing and supplies are greatly appreciated. You can donate through:

Venmo: @rachel-bennett-6

Paypal: racheldardenbennett@gmail.com 

Where can I find out more about the project?

To learn more about us you can visit our website at caringbycard.com. If you have any further questions you can contact us through the following:

Email: caringbycard@gmail.com

Phone: 917.538.1949

Facebook: @nursinghomecardproject

Instagram: @nursinghomecardproject

Twitter: @caringbycard

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